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SONY DSCgroup of 23 – ma Japanese tourists visited the village of Cherni Vit captivated by the story of green cheese.

Tuesday morning, and the restaurant in the hotel Cherni Vit has become a key location for this event. Tasting a selection of five cheeses with different maturity, aroma and flavor astonished tourists from Japan.

SONY DSCThis tasting only mold cheese, called “Nobleman of Cherni Vit” is a unique experience in Bulgaria. Besides tasting itself, tourists received new knowledge about green cheese, how is it done, what is consumed and what taste, that make it unique. Gallery

The pleasure we experience our guests had their faces. They sank into a fairytale enchanted by the amazing story of Tsvetan Dimitrov, the beautiful surroundings of the village and the friendly atmosphere of our team.

Their program was colorful and varied, but they all rushed with interest, both prepared our activities, and in tastings. Upon arrival, They were introduced into the intricacies of homemade pastry for pie, called on our end, "Lamina" . Except, that peels are hand-rolled, they are baked in the oven, and before ordinal itself pastry soaked in seconds in very hot water, to soften slightly. Our tourists watched with great interest shown everything from us, and without the - little volatility embarked on the preparation of the pie. Those, who failed to participate in the preparation of pie try them first, after being ready. Besides salty pie with filo pastry, Japanese tourists ate and other types pie, which is also traditional for the region, but it is syrupy sweet syrup. Sweet pastry dough mix and arrangement of the pie between the latter must sprinkle feta cheese. In addition to traditional Bulgarian taste of the pie, we added home curdled sheep's yoghurt, which reinforce the feeling of Bulgarian.

Before the main part of their visit, Japanese tourists enjoyed the knitwear, hand knitted by grandmothers Chernivit. Great interest expressed to manually draining Bulgarian rugs, Studded with many colors, representing the colors of Bulgaria.

Is there Green cheese and what is it? This question attract Japanese tourists, who following in the footsteps of the unique for Bulgaria Green cheese came to the village of Cherni Vit. Amazed and smiling the whole experience in our small village, guests left happy. happy, They have made a trip to the green cheese and have tasted of this treasure of Cherni Vit.

group, It is a week-long visit to Bulgaria of culinary tourism and after green cheese specialties will try Veliko Tarnovo, Rhodope dishes and drinks.


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