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Corporate holiday of a Modern Company long ceased to be identified with the common time ago – meeting with the Board of the. Now the expression "this week we will have corporate collection"Sadly does not cause. More and more companies prefer corporate gathering to take place in neformalna environment, in Mount among neobichayni adventure.

The advantages of this approach are obvious – to create new connections between employees different departments, people are revealed in unusual situations and can easily trace the role of each employee to resolve a problem.

Corporate events outside the city - this is the choice of a wise leader!

We offer assistance in the implementation of Your company's holiday, you can choose to be with us. Počivnata stancii is located about an hour and a half drive from gr.Sofiya. Choosing behave base an elegant way to combine the proximity of the city with the quiet of the village. You can take advantage of Our services when organiziraneto at a banquet and entertainment.

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Here are our programs for a successful corporate event in cooperation with Paintball Republic:


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