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Shiitake mushroomsGuests of the hotel offer and prepare medicinal Shiitake mushrooms!

A few years ago in the stores began to appear gourmet mushrooms with unusual name – Shyytake. These fungi are common in the Far East, Japan, China and Korea and is considered the most useful and delicious mushrooms. Shiitake mushrooms are very popular in the rest of the world, so in terms of production, they even overtake traditional mushrooms, as mushrooms and oyster.

In the village of Glozhene, which is located 10km. of Cherni Vit grown Shiitake mushrooms, enabling us to supply the hotel with these fungi. Most – the thing is, that mushrooms are fresh, natural, non preserved and prepare them with our guests!

Price for 1 kg: 12.00 lev purchased from the manufacturer and offered in hotel

Price 1 kg: 24.00 lev purchased from store

The word “Shyytake” Japanese name comes from a tree “Shia” – one of many kinds of, where the fungus grows in the wild. “So” – Japanese mushrooms.

Healing properties of fresh and dried Shiitake mushrooms

Since ancient times in China, It was considered, that regular consumption of Shiitake has beneficial effects on health and tones the nervous system. The most important feature in the composition of this exotic Shiitake mushroom is a sufficient amount of essential amino acids.

Shiitake mushrooms are considered vital to China and Japan. Known in ancient China healer, Wu Rui book “Medicinal products for daily use” released an entire chapter of Shiitake mushrooms. The author argues, that this fungus improves “spirit of vitality”, cure colds, improves blood circulation and then purified. Chinese healer called Gorin or Wu Rui, also reported, that the fungus is useful against tumors and neutralize the effects of snake venom.

Among all the mushrooms used in folk medicine, Shiitake fungus is one of the most studied species. Large studies of the medicinal properties are held in 1969 g. Doctors at the University of Tokyo. Experimental Shiitake mushroom was prepared as an aqueous extract and injected into the stomach in mice with implanted tumors. The drug shows a high degree of inhibition of tumor growth. Antitumor activity, connected to Shiitake mushrooms produces immunomodulatory polysaccharide, which is called Lentinan.

The famous Japanese doctor Professor. Chihara believes, that lentinan, derived from Shiitake mushrooms, engenders perforin. Perforinat turn destroys cancer cells and their membranes. The natural way of formation of the perforin in the human body starts to decrease significantly after 35-40 years.

Shiitake mushrooms contain water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins. The fruiting bodies of many thiamine, riboflavin, Niacin, Biotin. Especially valuable is the fact, many of these fungi contain vitamin D, which is absent in vegetables.

The thermal treatment of Shiitake mushrooms can reduce the content of certain vitamins. The content of immunomodulating polysaccharides decreases with continuous reflux, but hardly changed during the proper drying mushrooms.


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