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Our GPS coordinates are:

Years: 42° 52′ 415"N

Can: 024° 11′ 491"And

More than 50 years, to us is difficult and long, Today our guests traveling for about an hour highway E79 from Sofia .

At the end of the highway, before g. Republic road deviates to the g. Teteven. Very calm and peaceful only for fifteen minutes this time will lead to us. Asphalt after the turn of the bridge to the Republic of Cherni Vit has completely replaced. The road to the village of Cherni Vit is fully reconstructed, expanded and reinforced.

If you travel from Northern Bulgaria road passes through g. Pleven or g. Lovech. From these cities to the station in the village of Cherni Vit have about an hour.

There is no known proverb, that everybody is looking for what will. That's why our friends sea, who want Mountain Holidays, can reach us for - less than four hours by car next time E772.


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