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On the fifth of May, in 11.30 We headed for Mount Petrahilya, symbol of Teteven, called sunstone.

Our hosts were Nicky and Simone from Teteventrip, who had prepared the climb. Presenting our various plants, we see around winding path and had the opportunity to meet with slow-worm (snake fragile), Alpine Rose (Rosalia alpina) and many other small animals. With interesting games we forget about the steep terrain and amidst the fragrance of blossoming Lilac (Syringa) gathered twigs to built a fire. Mount Petrahilya waiting for us and 13.30 hours excitedly went to him. Simo showed us and told about all visible near and distant peaks of Stara Planina,…

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Three colors green, what eyes journalist Vera Gotseva looked at Cherni Vit and how our little village fell into a famous weekly Cultural Guide to Sofia.

The direction you for this trip is Republic, but the road to the village you do not even need a map. Catch Hemus highway to Jablanica, from there take the exit to Glojene and right to Cherni Vit, named after the river, about which you. The houses are lining up in lines completely around it and you rarely see a single higher the mountain. Because of this location, the village is very long, and the whole area is very quiet and beautiful, especially now, prosharva when the first warm colors of autumn.


As soon as you reach the village, ask for…

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Market program "Fruits of the Earth" 27 – 28 August, Cherni Vit, Hotel Cherni Vit

Convivia initiative of Cherni Vit, Green Cheese Presidium and hotel Cherni Vit

27.08.2016 yr / Saturday /

place: Hotel Cherni Vit

open from: 09:00

09:00 - To make cakes for breakfast together

11:30 – 12:30 And demonstration of the traditional area for fish soup, called "Brine"

12:00 – Tasting of green cheese. The tasting includes various mature cheeses.

IMPORTANT: Every hour you can make tasting of green cheese Cherni Vit!


From the lunch menu you can choose:

  • Brine with baked on-site hot cake
  • Salad of marinated roasted peppers, homemade cheese and pink tomatoes
  • cold marinated…

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Blueberry Festival will be held in late July, blueberry three days and nights in the area at the hut Ambaritsa, Troyan Balkan.

Troyan Balkan has long been considered a blueberry center of the Central Balkan. Locals picked blueberries, prepare unique sweet, also fruit drinks, who treat various diseases.

The program of the festival will be:

  • many blueberries and try delicious dishes from them;
  • competitions;
  • concert and happy songs;
  • delicious blueberry liqueur, local recipes;
  • entertainment and prizes;
  • pancakes, pies, muffins and other foods to which you can not remain indifferent!

Location: Tetevenski Balkans, Ambaritsa hut which can be reached in about 4 hours from the center of Cherni Osam.

Official site

#gallery-2 { margin:…

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For the first municipality Republic organized a big celebration dedicated to this traditional end fish soup, named “brine”

In our hotel many times have brewed this with our guests, as her taste has always enjoyed an excellent cooked food. Even in the summer heat, This soup is very tasty, because it can be eaten cold.

On Saturday 25.06.2016g. together we will prepare brine on Chernovitski recipe and understand the intricacies in its preparation. Children will help kneading bread fluffy, who will roast of Gyoza.

If you want to share with us this experience, make a reservation familiar from our site tel: 0879 39 151 10

Recipe for fish soup,…

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With this article we would like to present you a new opportunity, which can combine holiday in the mountains, clean air, good food with Reiki therapy.

You can get acquainted with the practice of our friend and Reiki therapist Nikolay Dimov, qualified in the United Kingdom, get advice and treatment sessions.

Location: on site or in the. Divchovoto, Teteven.

The procedure continues about 40-45 minutes after the recording wire. 0877 200912.

Price: 40 lev for one procedure, Buying a package of 3 procedures 100 lv. (On free energy garden, established method of coil Dontcho Krastev. See the Web site of the garden:

Effects of Reiki:

Reiki is a gentle harmonizing energy, acting…

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Autumn in the Mountains, yellow leaves are dotted all around, around stumps there are many mushrooms, We feel the fresh breeze, that smell of fire and grill…We hear how murmuring river, while we enjoy the beautiful sun in front of the hotel!

All this is very relaxing and lets you forget about the city and problems, immerse yourself in an atmosphere full of peace and bliss!

Cherni Vit in October and November is particularly attractive! In the autumn cool nights here intersect with warm afternoons. At this time of year we suggest a walk in the woods, collecting mushrooms or just a casual holiday front of the fireplace with a glass of mulled red wine.

If you think how to spend a Saturday - Sunday evening with us, we will offer you…

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Dear guests,

to meet the new 2016 – year offer two-day package:

Dvudneven package:

Accommodation of 31.12.2015g.

The package includes:

  • 2 nights of 31.12.2015g. and 01.01.2016g.
  • 2 Snacks – 01.01.2016g. and 02.01.2016g.
  • New year's dinner
  • Dinner of 01.01.2016g.

Price: 150 lev. / person

Dinner on 31.12.2015g.

Aperitif: Homemade apple brandy from Cherni Vit – 100 g.

Salad type “plateau” – puree with roasted pepper, rolls of ham and Russian salad, Snow White with homemade pickles.

Warm appetizer: Homemade pudding, cabbage leaves stuffed with minced pork, 2 stuffed peppers with beans

Appetizer optional: flat sausage, pudding, jerky, Elena fillet – 100 g. or cottage cheese (goat cheese, cheese, Buffalo, green…

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This festival often attracts many people, To celebrate roots, the richness and diversity of Bulgarian culture through traditional music and stories about the history of Cherni Vit. Folklore Saturday “From Timok to Vita” and this year became one of the biggest and most loved events in Cherni Vit and field. In festival 2015 participated incredible list of artists, artists and exhibitors.




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August is a delightful month, because in this period, all are preparing for a long-awaited vacation!

August offers us dappled green mountains, warm waters of the sea and plenty of ripe fruit!

August is the month of the lucky ones, who manage to make your dream holiday!

If you're still wondering where to go on vacation in August and how to spend your vacation, then we can offer you the cool of the Teteven Balkan! There are places for lovers of beautiful scenery and fresh air.

Enjoy your vacation in a hotel Cherni Vit. Generally – this is a great alternative for hardening and relaxation after beach resorts and thousands of tourists on them. Our hotel will allow you to…

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