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Here's a suggestion for a walk in Teteven.

In Cherni Vit spring is especially beautiful iridescent colors, birdsong and the scent of wild herbs and flowers. On 5 and 6 May we will organize your sightseeing tours in the vicinity of Teteven. We will recruit various wild plants, which will translated into delicious dishes. Besides pleasant walk will and educational, for our friends Teteventrip will present Republic in an exciting and memorable way.

Have you tried lamb breed sheep Tetevenska? Meat is different because they are balanced protein and fat in it, and surface water content is reason for a fragrant and tasty dish. We will prepare lamb with fresh herbs and mushrooms, that will…

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group of 23 – ma Japanese tourists visited the village of Cherni Vit captivated by the story of green cheese.

Tuesday morning, and the restaurant in the hotel Cherni Vit has become a key location for this event. Tasting a selection of five cheeses with different maturity, aroma and flavor astonished tourists from Japan.

This tasting only mold cheese, called “Nobleman of Cherni Vit” is a unique experience in Bulgaria. Besides tasting itself, tourists received new knowledge about green cheese, how is it done, what is consumed and what taste, that make it unique. Gallery

The pleasure we experience our guests had their faces. They sank into a fairytale enchanted by the amazing story of Tsvetan Dimitrov, the beautiful surroundings of the village…

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Market program "Fruits of the Earth" 27 – 28 August, Cherni Vit, Hotel Cherni Vit

Convivia initiative of Cherni Vit, Green Cheese Presidium and hotel Cherni Vit

27.08.2016 yr / Saturday /

place: Hotel Cherni Vit

open from: 09:00

09:00 - To make cakes for breakfast together

11:30 – 12:30 And demonstration of the traditional area for fish soup, called "Brine"

12:00 – Tasting of green cheese. The tasting includes various mature cheeses.

IMPORTANT: Every hour you can make tasting of green cheese Cherni Vit!


From the lunch menu you can choose:

  • Brine with baked on-site hot cake
  • Salad of marinated roasted peppers, homemade cheese and pink tomatoes
  • cold marinated…

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Welcome to the open space in the village of Cherni Vit, where together we will open the 36th edition of council "From Timok to Vita" a choral performance of Mixed Choir Zvanika conductor Vanya Deliiska.

on the evening of 26.08.2016g. will be held concert damage “Zvanika” the audience of the village of Cherni Vit and relatives in the region of. Republic of villages and towns. Boys and girls by people Deliiska Vanya will represent the majority of performances from the show “Game choirs”.

The musical event will be held from 19. 00 h. and all guests of the hotel and the village of Cherni Vit are welcome!

recall, that graduates of Vanya Deliiska ranked second in the final standings, but received the highest audience…

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Blueberry Festival will be held in late July, blueberry three days and nights in the area at the hut Ambaritsa, Troyan Balkan.

Troyan Balkan has long been considered a blueberry center of the Central Balkan. Locals picked blueberries, prepare unique sweet, also fruit drinks, who treat various diseases.

The program of the festival will be:

  • many blueberries and try delicious dishes from them;
  • competitions;
  • concert and happy songs;
  • delicious blueberry liqueur, local recipes;
  • entertainment and prizes;
  • pancakes, pies, muffins and other foods to which you can not remain indifferent!

Location: Tetevenski Balkans, Ambaritsa hut which can be reached in about 4 hours from the center of Cherni Osam.

Official site

#gallery-2 { margin:…

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For the first municipality Republic organized a big celebration dedicated to this traditional end fish soup, named “brine”

In our hotel many times have brewed this with our guests, as her taste has always enjoyed an excellent cooked food. Even in the summer heat, This soup is very tasty, because it can be eaten cold.

On Saturday 25.06.2016g. together we will prepare brine on Chernovitski recipe and understand the intricacies in its preparation. Children will help kneading bread fluffy, who will roast of Gyoza.

If you want to share with us this experience, make a reservation familiar from our site tel: 0879 39 151 10

Recipe for fish soup,…

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Sometimes Work Shouldn’t Feel Like Work! TeamBuilding Workshop of Equilibrium

EQ expands its Child Protection services and starts to build a team of Early Childhood Development ExpertsEQ has worked in the Teteven region for some time and the village of Cherni Vit has become a favourite retreat. It’s a perfect place to come together to make big decisions and invent creative solutions to complex issues.

Polly and Bozhko who run the Cherni Vit Hotel are dedicated to the preservation of rural traditions and are active members of the international Slow Food community. They are also caring and attentive hosts who provided wonderful distractions ranging from cheese-making to horse riding. They helped us create an environment in which we could…

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with gratitude for the filming of Michael Dimitrov

We have tried to create a truly festive atmosphere, but it received such only because of the incredible spirit and hearts of our dear guests!

Will ask, who they were? It was a company of good people, Welcome to celebrate the holiday, as they know – a dance step dance Nashenski: dance, which may once have been wildly, and sometimes wisdom humbly. And when your hands are caught in a semicircle, then we see how merges human energy, how our hearts are filled with light, and smiles on the faces Gray. The rhythm of the dance is creates miracle - the miracle of Bulgarian folklore, that fills the soul with a feeling of freedom, kindness, power…

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Dear guests,

to meet the new 2016 – year offer two-day package:

Dvudneven package:

Accommodation of 31.12.2015g.

The package includes:

  • 2 nights of 31.12.2015g. and 01.01.2016g.
  • 2 Snacks – 01.01.2016g. and 02.01.2016g.
  • New year's dinner
  • Dinner of 01.01.2016g.

Price: 150 lev. / person

Dinner on 31.12.2015g.

Aperitif: Homemade apple brandy from Cherni Vit – 100 g.

Salad type “plateau” – puree with roasted pepper, rolls of ham and Russian salad, Snow White with homemade pickles.

Warm appetizer: Homemade pudding, cabbage leaves stuffed with minced pork, 2 stuffed peppers with beans

Appetizer optional: flat sausage, pudding, jerky, Elena fillet – 100 g. or cottage cheese (goat cheese, cheese, Buffalo, green…

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