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Few can imagine life without cheese. White cheese, we love so we can add to salads, sauces, based cheese we can prepare different dishes, snacks and sandwiches.

Most varieties of cheese can be made at home. Such cheeses are obtained tastier and healthier than those bought in stores!

All cheeses, were prepared using the warming of the milk and lactic acid bacteria in combination coagulation enzymes. Bacteria and enzymes help the process of coagulation of the milk and accelerate the separation of milk into curd and whey. Ingredients for coagulation can be purchased in drugstores and shops that sell spices.

Subtleties of preparation:

If you intend to …

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Summer came, and with it the mushroom chanterelle.

Since we have a friend, who is a fan of these fungi with real flavor and sweet taste, he took us on a walk in the woods.

We gathered around one kilogram, Soak them in a large deep pan around 15 min. and rinse thoroughly, to fall well sand and cypress needles. We put to boil water and salt, then added fungi for several minutes.

Well drained and water rained mushrooms in pan, but we left them for a few minutes to completely evaporate the water from them. Added finely chopped onion and 2 tablespoons butter. After 10 minutes, when the onions and mushrooms gained golden color put…

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