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On the fifth of May, in 11.30 We headed for Mount Petrahilya, symbol of Teteven, called sunstone.

Our hosts were Nicky and Simone from Teteventrip, who had prepared the climb. Presenting our various plants, we see around winding path and had the opportunity to meet with slow-worm (snake fragile), Alpine Rose (Rosalia alpina) and many other small animals. With interesting games we forget about the steep terrain and amidst the fragrance of blossoming Lilac (Syringa) gathered twigs to built a fire. Mount Petrahilya waiting for us and 13.30 hours excitedly went to him. Simo showed us and told about all visible near and distant peaks of Stara Planina,…

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Cherni Vit hotel offers its customers an interesting walk along the ridge of the mountain! Horse riding!

For lovers of horses and horse riding provide active and unforgettable holiday!

Surrounded by unspoiled nature in the mountains of Republic, the charming village of Cherni Vit is located about 450 m. altitude, in the dense forests of beech trees, crossing the river Cherni Vit, the village has a wonderful location. In summer the mountain offers many opportunities for active tourism among virgin nature of the Teteven Balkan. We can enjoy horseback riding and get some fresh air. Additional, You can visit the natural attractions in the vicinity, and security will take care of a qualified instructor riding.…

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Cherni Vit village is located near the Central Balkan.

The landscape consists of high ridges, deep river valleys with gorges and caves. Cycling along this route is very nice, It is part of an asphalt road, but the road climbs quite high, at about 1500 m. above sea level.

The bike tour continues on asphalt secondary roads with minimal road. Much of the cycling tour winds along the river Cherni Vit, and in some places intersects with River Boatinska, which is the main tributary of the river Cherni Vit. Along the way you will encounter carts pulled by horses or donkeys. Will surely go in herds of sheep or goats, coming down from the mountains in the late afternoon. see the map…

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The road to Red Peak starts from the center of town. Republic towards the village Babintsi by car or on foot.

However, until the arrival of place, where the trail itself begins traveling around 15min. by car, so be sure to comply tourists this. Since the beginning of the eco-trail to the summit takes about transition 2 o'clock. The path is marked, but even if you do not notice the path is clear, since it passes animals, horses and many tourists. The trail is very pleasant, part of it passes through the woods, and the other part at the very top. From the top a magnificent view of the city, He has made shelters to rest with tea or beer.

Red is high peak 1221 m and is the highest peak around…

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