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Sometimes Work Shouldn’t Feel Like Work! TeamBuilding Workshop of Equilibrium

EQ expands its Child Protection services and starts to build a team of Early Childhood Development Experts
EQ has worked in the Teteven region for some time and the village of Cherni Vit has become a favourite retreat. It’s a perfect place to come together to make big decisions and invent creative solutions to complex issues.

Polly and Bozhko who run the Cherni Vit Hotel are dedicated to the preservation of rural traditions and are active members of the international Slow Food community. They are also caring and attentive hosts who provided wonderful distractions ranging from cheese-making to horse riding. They helped us create an environment in which we could watch how young children react to new experiences and could learn how they see the world.

Not only are we increasing the variety of child protection services we manage and expanding the geographical region over which we operate, we have embarked on one of the most ambitious and innovative projects we have ever undertaken – the creation of a resource centre that will work with families, educators and childcare experts by taking a holistic approach to Early Childhood Development (physical, cognitive / intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual). We want to promote departure from existing educational and medical ideologies and adoption of a unified approach to helping parents raise and educate young children.

There was no way that our 2016 AGM was going to seem like a simple formality. It would take place against the backdrop of something bigger – asking EQ members and our service managers to raise their game. By focusing on building resources, innovative approaches to fundraising and the development of professional networks, the management team has created a platform on which to build future enterprises.“




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