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Дегустация на зелено сирене

Tasting of green cheese

Green cheese Cherni Vit is known for its unique taste, Miris and quality, but the green cheese is not just cheese, it is a tradition and perseverance!

Soak up the atmosphere of the divine taste of green cheese “Wreathed”. We will help you, as offer a historical walk from the creation of green cheese from our ancestors to today. Only in Cherni Vit, you can learn the secrets of the preparation and preservation of this wonderful product.

The delicate taste of green cheese “Wreathed” combined with elegant aromas of red wine highlights the advantages over any other dairy product.

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Tasting of green cheese “Wreathed” – what is that?

A great opportunity to enjoy a real taste of 3 Unique Bulgarian cheese, including green cheese “Wreathed” with different maturity!

An experienced connoisseur of fine cheese will allow you to look “beyond” label of commercially available mold cheeses. You will explore a unique cheese, and two different cheese ripeness.

How are we organized everything?

We suggest you sit on a small table in the restaurant of Cherni Vit and start immediately with the interesting history of green cheese “Wreathed” and the village of Cherni Vit. We will tell you about the most unusual facts about art to prepare green cheese, We will talk about this in more detail and every step from the traditional tasting of green cheese to the secrets of the combination of cheese with wine.

A hike in the history of green cheese!

You can ask questions, of interest, to learn how to select high-quality mold cheese and enjoy the full taste.

3 tastings of cheeses with different maturity! Each has a unique aroma and distinctive taste.

The rich green cheese platter will garnished with a glass of red wine, ideal complement to good cheese. You could also try the fresh bread baked on the spot, which perfectly complements the whole picture Tasting.

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